What is Asian Handicap? How to read the odds most accurately

The most standard Asian handicap is an extremely popular bet in football betting. This type of bet is very easy to play and has a high winning rate. If you want to know, follow QQJILI‘s article below!

What is the definition of Handicap?

What is the definition of Handicap?

In football betting, the most prominent are the types of betting odds, and Asian handicap odds are a leading name. So what are Handicap odds? These odds are understood as a type of football betting odds. The strong team will handicap the weak team with different odds, such as handicapping 1/2 ball, 3/4 ball, and handicapping a draw.

This is also known as a type of odds with many players participating and appearing in every football match. A very complicated bet, because it also has many different odds if you do not study carefully, you will easily get confused.

Specifically, this Handicap odds are also given in matches with a difference in strength between the two teams. The team in the upper position is considered better and will handicap the betting door with a specific odds ratio.

The handicap odds are also set by the bookmaker and are released on the odds board of the match. You can also see them appearing quite a lot. Vietnamese players are also quite familiar with this type of odds, so there are many players.

Some of the most typical Asian handicaps in football

Some of the most typical Asian handicaps in football

Because this is a bet with many odds, you can see matches with different odds. Below, we will also introduce some typical Asian handicap odds. Specifically:

Equal handicap

0 handicap, also known as equal handicap, is very special in Handicap betting thanks to the handicap of 0. That also means that this match is considered quite similar in strength between the two teams. No team is given a handicap before the other team. It also often appears in major tournaments worldwide, especially extremely important matches between two big teams of the same strength. This type of bet only has a win or a loss, and there is no draw.

Half-goal handicap

The half-goal handicap is marked on the odds board as ¼, 0-0.5, or 0.25. The handicap rate that the upper team gives to the lower team is 0.35 goals. This is also the lowest handicap rate in the Handicap odds. If the upper team wins by at least 1 goal, the player will,, of course,, win the bet. Otherwise, the player will lose money. Of course, if the two teams draw, the player will lose half the money.

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3/4 handicap

This handicap rate is shown in the upper team, giving the lower team 0.75 goals. Of course, when the upper team wins by two goals, any score the player bets on this door will win all the money. The player on each side will lose half the money if the difference is two goals. On the contrary, if the upper team has a difference of less than two goals, of course, if you bet on the upper team, you will lose all your money.

1-goal handicap

This type of bet appears in matches where there is a difference in strength in a match. The lower team will be handicapped by 1 goal by the upper team. Players who bet on the upper team to win will only win the full bet if the upper team wins with a difference of 2 goals. A difference of 1 goal is considered a draw, and the house will return the bet to you. Of course, if the upper team loses, you will lose all your bets.

Experience in betting on Asian Handicap to achieve high results

Experience in betting on Asian Handicap to achieve high results
  • Collect and synthesize all information related to the matches to have the most objective overview.
  • Because the odds given before the match will be affected and can change any factor.
  • Bet reasonably; do not bet all on these Handicap odds if you lose everything.
  • Refer to the comments and analysis articles shared by experts and experienced players before the match.
  • When participating, you should choose the best odds for each match and be careful with the delicious odds traps.


Hopefully, through the above article, you have understood what an Asian handicap is. If you love online betting, you cannot ignore this unique type of bet. Join the bet today and have a chance to win big at the bookmaker’s betting game hall.

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