Table Tennis Betting with Hundred Wins According to QQJILI

Table tennis betting is one of the top entertainment options of bookmaker QQJILI. Here members have the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of attractive and easy-to-play odds. So specifically, what types are trending? What are some tips to help newbies optimize their chances of making accurate predictions? Right below QQJILI will accompany you to explore everything before going into battle!

Standard table tennis betting rules

Standard table tennis betting rules
  • Rookies who want to bet on table tennis safely, and confidently, avoid the house’s traps, and be more proactive in building strategies need to grasp specific rules. This is an important factor that anyone on their first day of initiation needs to know:
  • Bookmaker QQJILI updates betting information for bettors to refer to and comment on. Typically, the stadium, official lineup, achievements, confrontation history, odds, etc. You need to update regularly to not miss out.
  • In case the first-half result is canceled, the results of related bets will not be counted. If the second half is canceled, it will not affect the first half.
  • Table tennis bets only count the official match time and extra time, not extra time. Rookies pay attention to predict more accurately.
  • QQJILI will regulate the time a bet is valid. If the table tennis match is suspended or postponed for 12 hours, all previous bets will not be counted. The bookmaker is responsible for refunding the person who placed the bet.
  • The final results are updated directly by the house and will be the basis for determining winners and losers.

Common odds when betting on table tennis

Common odds when betting on table tennis

A table tennis bet has many different types of bets. This ensures a new, dramatic experience for members. You need to fully grasp it to participate conveniently and make accurate judgments.

Odd-even bet

These odds are simple and bettors do not need to care about the exact final score. Players only need to predict whether the total score at the end of the match will be even or odd to enter the betting amount.

Final winning bet

In the final winning type, participants are required to have experience to make accurate predictions. If you decide which team or player wins the entire match, you will receive a prize from the house.

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Handicap table tennis betting odds for the entire match

This is a super popular form of betting and is present in most different sports. When participating, newbies should note that the upper team will handicap the lower team with a certain number of points and need to add them when predicting the results.

Some other bets

In addition to the table tennis odds mentioned above, members can also try out many other types of greens. These include bets on the winner of the match, over/under bets, exact score bets, etc.

Instructions for betting on table tennis at bookmaker QQJILI

Instructions for betting on table tennis at bookmaker QQJILI
  • Participating in table tennis betting at a reputable bookmaker like QQJILI is extremely simple and does not take time to get used to. Because the system has shortened the operation into optimal steps with the hope that newbies can easily experience:
  • Step 1: You access QQJILI at the website or downloaded link => Quickly register a new account or log in to an existing account.
  • Step 2: Players deposit money into the QQJILI game wallet to have capital to bet on table tennis.
  • Step 3: Members select “Sports” => Select the lobby they want to experience => Select the table tennis sport and match they want to follow.
  • Step 4: Bettors apply betting skills to make the most optimal choice, helping to win and receive rewards from bookmaker QQJILI.

Do you know the easy-to-win table tennis betting experience?

  • New members must be wondering about the expert’s strategy to be able to predict the correct odds and receive the nine green rewards. Below are some experiences that have gone through moderation and are guaranteed to bring victory to all players:
  • Rookies learn about the officially participating players such as achievements, form, tactics, etc. before making predictions.
  • Follow sideline news such as the stadium, confrontation history, and nature of the match.
  • You discover information about odds and then make an overall assessment, this ensures predictions are more realistic.
  • Players can combine many types of betting in the same ticket, but bettors need to have a stable source of capital.


The content above has an overview of table tennis betting that attracts members with a variety of blue-nine odds. Rookies have more opportunities to update their playing experience to professional standards to help optimize victory. If you want to participate safely and receive competitive rewards, QQJILI is the choice worth trying today!

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