Red card suspension for several matches

Red card suspension for several matches is a topic being discussed by many people in the social networking community. Many football fans, although regularly watching matches, do not necessarily understand all the rules and regulations in football. Therefore, QQJILI‘s article will tell you more clearly about the suspension regulations in football.

Introducing penalty cards in football

Introducing penalty cards in football

In professional football, whether playing on a 5-player field or an 11-player field, referees will use two main types of penalty cards: yellow cards and red cards. According to football rules, yellow cards are used to remind players of minor offenses such as cold hitting, light collision, etc.

As for the red card, the purpose of the red card is to disqualify a player on the field. Players who commit dangerous fouls that cause harm to other team players will be kicked off the field. Besides being sent off the field, the person receiving the red card will have to miss the next matches.

Red card suspension for how many matches in a football competition?

Red card suspension for how many matches in a football competition?

The issue of suspension for several matches is of concern to many football-loving bettors. It can be seen that the disqualification of a key player will greatly affect the team’s results.

Therefore, understanding the number of matches a player is suspended will help bettors have a more general analysis of the situation before the match. In addition, players can also know who is in the starting lineup for that match.

To be able to participate in betting, as well as update information about the lineup, players can register to receive information at the bookmaker. Following the article, we will clearly state the regulations and number of matches banned for players receiving red cards:

In the Premier League, a red card is suspended for several matches

When playing in the Premier League, if a player commits the following errors, he will receive a direct red card. Such as:

Playing foul with more serious severity, tackling the ball from behind, intentionally destroying opponents,…

Using dangerous behaviors, attacking other team players

There are inappropriate behaviors towards other players such as kicking, spitting, foaming, etc.

Intentionally playing the ball with your hands

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In soccer, a player who plays the goalkeeper position is the player least likely to receive a red card. Normally, a goalkeeper receives a red card when he overreacts to the referee or intentionally attacks an attacking player of the opposing team.

For players who receive a direct red card and are sent off the field, the team must play with a shortage of players. Depending on the severity of the offense, the player will be banned from 1 to 3 matches. For serious violations, players will be banned from playing for 3 matches and fined additional fines.

If an indirect red card is given, the player will be suspended for several matches

If an indirect red card is given, the player will be suspended for several matches

When playing, in addition to receiving a direct red card, a player can receive an indirect red card. Here, if a player receives 2 yellow cards in the same match, it will be considered to receive 1 red card but in an indirect form.

Similar to the red card penalty, a player who receives 2 yellow cards will be kicked off the field and not allowed to continue playing. However, because it is an indirect red card, the number of bans for a player receiving a red card will be lighter than for a player receiving a direct red card. Specifically, the penalty applied to a player receiving an indirect red card is a 1-match suspension and a fine.

Subject receiving a red card in football

Surely, many bettors and football watchers will be surprised to learn that coaches and fans can also receive red cards. In professional football tournaments, cases of football coaches receiving red cards are not too strange to viewers.

Often, coaches who make mistakes in reacting to the referee or linesman will receive a red card. A coach who receives a red card will not be able to direct his club or team. Instead, the leader will be an assistant coach, fitness coach, etc.

Besides coaches, fans or substitute players can also be carded for unsportsmanlike conduct. The red card penalty for substitute players will be the same as for players currently playing on the field. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the main players and reserve players when placing bets.


Above is all the information surrounding the issue of Red card suspension for several matches that we want to send to you, readers. Hopefully, the useful information above will help you better understand football as well as grasp the situation of your favorite club and team.

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