Old Trafford Stadium – The most exciting arena in England

Old Trafford Stadium is one of the largest and most famous stadiums in Europe. The place has hosted many regional tournaments with the participation of many famous clubs. And above all, this is also the field that has recorded the records of great players. Today, let’s join QQJILI to learn about the beauty of this famous football field through the following article.

Learn about the history of the formation and development of Old Trafford Stadium

Learn about the history of the formation and development of Old Trafford Stadium

When talking about English football, we cannot ignore the stadiums that have made the players famous. Of all the famous arenas in the West, Old Trafford is the place where sporting activities most often take place. Always a bright center, attracting a large number of viewers around the world.

Old Trafford is the home ground of Manchester United, privately owned by the UK’s number one club. On the size chart, it ranks 2nd nationwide and 11th in the EU region. The yard was inaugurated and put into use in 1910 and has now experienced many golden periods.

Why is Old Trafford considered the “theater of dreams”?

From the first days of MU’s founding, legend Bobby Charlton honored this stadium as the “Theater of Dreams”. Because he hopes for a dream of reaching out to the world and proving the strength of British football. And indeed, the club’s talented players have done that.

Thousands of golden achievements displayed at the exhibition hallmark the efforts of predecessors. From domestic village tournaments to the glory of becoming the champion of the entire EU and the world. MU is certainly known as a training ground for professional players, with a direct influence on the entire international men’s football sport.

Review the big matches that took place at Old Trafford Stadium

Review the big matches that took place at Old Trafford Stadium

Since being built and put into operation, MU’s home stadium has received many applications to organize tournaments here. With the first friendly matches in the 1910s and many famous sporting events taking place on this field. Next, let’s reminisce with QQJILI about the glorious moments of the teams playing at Old Trafford.

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The third group stage of the 1966 World Cup took place at Old Trafford Stadium

The 1950s and 1960s were the golden period of the World Cup, bringing fans many indescribable emotions. Most football legends became famous during this time, contributing to bringing football to new heights.

The 1966 World Cup was one of the best seasons with the participation of many talented people. Special mention must be made of the match between Portugal and Hungary in the group stage. The players played their best on the field, creating many beautiful impressions for viewers. Portugal was fortunate to advance further in that year’s WC season, successfully respectably winning 3rd place.

A fiery moment in the semi-finals of Euro 1996

As a sports lover, you will know about the European Football Championship organized by the EU Football Federation. It is one of the outstanding awards for national teams competing. MU Old Trafford’s home ground is also honored to be chosen as the test venue for many years in a row.

Especially the UEFA Euro Tournament in 1996, the match between France and the Czech Republic was extremely exciting. During the two halves of the competition, both teams tried to use skills and tactics to score goals. But in the end, it was impossible to decide a winner, and a tense penalty shootout was held. With a penalty score of 5-6 in favor of the Czech Republic, they advanced to the finals.

A series of European FA Cup seasons were played at MU’s home stadium

A series of European FA Cup seasons were played at MU's home stadium

The English Football Association in those years also organized a tournament called the Challenge Cup, also known as the FA Cup. It is an exchange playground for players and clubs nationwide. For many years, the FA’s organizing committee has chosen Old Trafford as the main stadium, from qualifying matches to the final.

The Manchester United home team has shown many of their top football skills in the FA tournament. They also defeated strong opponents such as Liverpool, MC or Chelsea to reach the championship position. With the number of times holding the trophy up to 12 times as well as 21 times reaching the final to compete in the final match.


Old Trafford Stadium is certainly no longer unfamiliar to those who regularly follow world football, especially the English Premier League. An extremely vibrant and energetic arena with always surging sports spirit. We believe that in the next period, the football field will have many upgrades, giving the audience an unforgettable experience.

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