Sicbo QQJILI and the most effective way to play

Modern online betting is heavily influenced by games because some of Sicbo QQJILI are relatively easy to play and attractive. However, QQJILI is a game that also has great appeal around the world. The following article will help readers better understand the plowing game as well as some of the most effective ways to play.

What is Sicbo QQJILI ?

Sicbo is a type of game originating from China, introduced to the Philippines a long time ago during the colonial period. Since then, it has greatly influenced life and betting culture in our country.

Not only that, Sicbo was also introduced in many places and is now popular globally. Not only does it stop at the name Sicbo, but this calling is affecting many sports, especially betting.

What is Sicbo QQJILI ?

For example, everyone talks about over-under, yellow cards, corners, goals, etc. in football, volleyball, etc. From there, it can be seen that the word over-under has influence in many fields.

Sicbo QQJILI is a dice game that bookmaker QQJILI integrates into its system, located in the QQJILI Casino lobby. From there, players will only need simple operations to be able to play normally, even much better than in real life.

To play any game, you need to grasp all the most necessary things. You should not rush to participate without really knowing all the following things.

Basic rules of Sicbo

Basic rules of Sicbo

Sicbo is a word that can be said to be quite similar to the word even/odd but differs in nature. Sicbo games differ only in their calling and determination.

First, the game board will have 3 dice or in other places, it can be called pieces, etc. Depending on the place. These 3 numbers will be captured by an eye-catching disc and after being shaken, the player will start betting on the door they want.

Each dice will have 6 sides with the order of dots from 1 to 6. If the total number of sides has scores from 4 to 10, the result will be Under. If the score is from 11 to 18 points, it will be called Over.

There are also some other ways to bet such as betting on 1 pair, betting on 3 identical numbers, etc. Although it is more difficult to appear, it has a very high bet exchange rate if the player chooses the correct result.

Players only need to predict 1 of 2 doors to place a bet. It seems to be a fairly simple game where the win/loss ratio is 50-50, but every time the player wins a match, he will not win the full amount he bet but will deduct a small portion called a commission.

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Moreover, not knowing how to bet will also be a minus point for you if you choose Sicbo QQJILI  to bet. Therefore, you need to carefully grasp the next things that this article shares with you.

To help players better understand the Sicbo game, QQJILI will provide you with the following betting options in this form of betting:

  • Bet on Sicbo: You will have two choices: over or under, the reward ratio is 1 to 1. This is considered the most popular betting option currently chosen by many people.
  • Total bet: When choosing this bet, your task is to predict the total score of the 3 dice. In this bet, the smaller the total chosen, the higher the return rate because they are more difficult to get.
  • Double bet: This form of bet is to predict that the result will be 2 identical dice. But the thing to note is that only 2 sides are the same, if the result is 3 sides, you will not win. And the reward rate in this form is up to 1:11 or 1:20 if you predict correctly.
  • Number betting: This is an extremely attractive and interesting betting outlet that many people choose to participate in entertainment. The player’s task is to predict the result of 1 out of 3 sides of an exact number.

So it can be seen that Sicbo QQJILI  offers players many attractive betting opportunities. To help people comfortably participate in betting every day, without worrying about a lack of betting opportunities.

Some experience playing Sicbo QQJILI


Besides understanding the experience of playing Sicbo betting, it is equally important that you refer to some notes.

You should refer to many different ways to play to get the most standard betting experience. Because each person will have their own way of playing Sicbo QQJILI. You can learn from experts, and professional bettors or follow forums to gain more experience and useful information for yourself.


At each turn, record the results to serve as a basis for calculation, analysis, and the choice of the most accurate bet. QQJILI now provides the feature to record betting history, making it more convenient for you to participate in this classy playground.

Don’t get sucked into betting games, see it as a simple entertainment game to find new joy for yourself.

Playing Sicbo QQJILI is a very interesting game and can bring a large amount of winnings if you bet properly and are calculated. This article is not too detailed in the tips for playing Sicbo, players need to carefully grasp many different playing experiences to be able to further improve their winning ability.

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