What is Pagcor? Some of Pagcor’s roles in the gaming industry

If you want to be recognized and legally do business in betting entertainment games. You must need an operating license from a competent organization. The organization that provides licenses for bookmakers to operate legally in the Philippines is PAGCOR. Let’s find out What is Pagcor? Detailed information about Pagcor will be provided to readers by bookmaker QQJILI.

What is Pagcor? An overview of Pagcor

What is Pagcor? An overview of Pagcor

First, we will learn and answer the question What is Pagcor? As far as we know, Pagcor is the organization with the authority to manage entertainment games in the Philippines. The full name in English is Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Pagcor organization is under the jurisdiction of the state and government of the Philippines.

Pagcor organization is the competent authority that provides legal operating licenses for gaming companies in the Philippines. Because the Philippines is one of the few countries in Asia that legalizes online gambling. Therefore, companies and corporations dealing in gaming fields flocked to the Philippines. Create opportunities for sustainable development of the gaming industry here and lead to the development of the Philippine economy.

Pagcor organization was established by a Philippine government agency in 1976. Up to now, it has been in operation for nearly 50 years.

The mission that this organization carries with it is to prevent and eliminate illegal gaming betting organizations in the Philippines. Creating the safest and most secure operating environment for gaming companies.

What role does Pagcor play in the gaming industry?

What role does Pagcor play in the gaming industry?

As introduced above, Pagcor is the first government organization in the world to provide certificates and operating licenses for all domestic and foreign companies and corporations in the gaming industry.

Thanks to the role that Pagcor brings to the betting game market. Create healthy and reputable betting conditions and environments.

A legal business license is a ticket to help many companies easily develop the gaming industry in the Philippines. Many domestic and foreign companies flock to invest capital in the betting game industry here. Promote and help this country’s economy develop as strongly as it does today.

Besides, thanks to the birth of Pagcor, the rights of bettors at bookmakers are more guaranteed. Help eliminate bookies that are not clean and legal.

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What will Pagcor’s profits be used for?

What will Pagcor's profits be used for?

Because this is an organization established by the Philippine government. Because the revenue sources will be deducted for the following purposes:

5% of Pagcor’s business will be paid to the country’s tax authority.

5% of the revenue will be given to the Philippine sports body. From there, this money source will be used for the comprehensive development of the country’s sports.

1% of revenue will be reserved for state legal agencies. Aims to compensate and resolve cases of injustice.

The portion earned by entrepreneurs will be spent on social activities throughout the Philippines.

Half of the remaining revenue is deducted from the country’s treasury. The remaining half will be used to maintain Pagcor’s operations.

It can be said that thanks to Pagcor, the Philippines brings in a huge source of revenue. Attract investment capital into the gaming industry in this country. Completely changed the face of Philippine society. Create thousands of jobs for this country’s citizens at foreign companies. Which mainly come from Chinese companies. Without Pagcor, we assert that the country would not be as prosperous and strong as it is now. But it will still be very backward.

What is Pagcor and what is POGO? Compare the two forms

Many people mistakenly think about the terms Parcor and POGO. Many people still do not distinguish and confuse these two terms with each other.

As shared above, Pagcor is an agency specializing in providing licenses and managing companies and corporations in the gaming industry.

The term POGO refers to companies operating in the betting market with headquarters and servers located in the Philippines.

Why do we need a Pagcor operating license?

  • Pagcor’s operating license is the basis for creating a trust for players betting on the house.
  • Companies and corporations operating in the Philippines will receive protection. And you don’t have to worry about being discovered and severely punished. Currently, many bookies are operating underground, leading to a loss of customer trust.
  • Players will choose to put their trust in bookmakers that have a proper and legal operating license.

Summary What is Pagcor?

With detailed and complete information provided to you by bookmaker QQJILI. Have you understood and answered the question “What is Pagcor?” You should participate in casino games at bookmakers that have a Pagcor operating license. That will help you avoid choosing unreliable bookmakers.

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