Overview of information about the 11-player football field size

In the 11-a-side soccer game, an important factor that determines the outcome of each match is the field size. With the knowledge about the 11 player football field size from bookmaker QQJILI below, we will bring readers the necessary information related to today’s sports.

What is an overview of a football field?

What is an overview of a football field?

The football stadium has long been known as one of the attractive destinations that the QQJILI brothers cannot ignore. Because this is known as the place to build football stadiums, meeting the different entertainment requirements and needs of veteran players and tournaments.

An important factor that QQJILI brothers should pay attention to is the size of the soccer field, which can vary depending on the type of field as well as the purpose of use.

Since 2008, to standardize the size of the football field for international matches, the International Football Federation (IFAB) decided to set a fixed size of 105m in length and 68m in width. This decision of IFAB has shaped a new standard, to help ensure uniformity and fairness in international matches.

Any details about the 11-player football field size today?

Any details about the 11-player football field size today?

Understanding soccer field dimensions is not only important for QQJILI players and soccer lovers, but also for tournament organizers. Making the most of the size of the field and ensuring fairness in matches is considered a decisive factor in bringing a great experience to those who are passionate about sports.

The size of the FIFA standard 11-a-side football field has been regulated since 2008. This field has a total area of ​​7,140m2, corresponding to a length of 105m and a width of 68m. This regulation ensures that it fully meets the requirements of professional football matches, providing the best experience for players.

However, the QQJILI brothers also need to note that the size of the soccer field may vary depending on the purpose of use and the type of tournament. For example, amateur soccer fields are often smaller in size. The 5-person field has a minimum area of ​​375m2, while the 7-person field is 1080m2, according to FIFA standards.

In addition, (11-a-side football field size) can also have variations in professional tournaments. The length of the course is usually between 100m and 110m, while the width can range from 64m to 75m. A typical example is (11-a-side football field size) Premier League, with a field area of ​​7,140m2 (105m x 68m), considered the standard for this tournament.

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What are the important standards of an 11-a-side football field?

What are the important standards of an 11-a-side football field?

After the QQJILI brothers have learned about the 11-player football field size above, there will also be some important standards of an 11-a-side soccer field that you need to know. includes the following:

Size of the field outside the boundary: This is an indispensable part of the football field and is usually expanded to about 2m. This part ensures the safety of athletes when a collision occurs with the boundary area.

Sidelines: These two lines run along the length of the field and serve as a limit for the football field.

Goal lines: These two lines run horizontally along the end of the field and also limit the field.

Midfield line: A straight line in the middle of the field that divides the field into two equal parts, called the midfield line.

Midfield circular area: Located in the middle of the field, this circular area divides the field into two equal parts by the midfield line.

Corner flagpoles: Placed at 4 corners of the field, each flagpole has a minimum height of 1m50.

Limit lines: Limit lines on the football field must be no more than 12cm wide.

Goal size: Usually 7m32x2m44x2m…

In Vietnam, one of the most famous and modern 11-a-side football stadiums is My Dinh National Stadium. This football field has dimensions of 105m x 68m and is equipped with 8 400m long loops and 10 110m long straight tracks, along with other sports facilities.


the 11-player football field size is considered to play an undeniable role in creating exciting and dramatic matches today. From the diversity and flexibility of the field sizes that QQJILI has provided above, we hope to help players experience today’s top soccer fun.

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